SKU Vision™: Parts Recognition Vision System

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SKU'd Vision, inc. seeks to commercialize a standard, stand-alone parts recognition SKU Vision™ scanner and market this to all scanner component manufacturers.

In inventory management systems it has been clear that bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) are not suitable for identifying many small, irregular shaped parts. Examples are fasteners, pipe fittings, electrical conduit fittings, etc. These parts are typically low value parts that are shipped in bulk containers. The only answer to identifying these to date is to:

(1) put them into plastic sacks with a bar code on the sack

(2) have clerks search a parts file with key word searches

(3) maintain a picture catalog at the clerks' desks for look up

All of these methods are time consuming and error prone!

The SKU'd Vision, Inc. solution to this problem is to add a SKU Vision™ recognition feature to 'scanners' that will identify parts by their physical characteristics. Vision systems and camera systems have progressed to the point where this is possible using recognition software developed by SKU'd Vision, Inc. This process (patent pending) allows for instantaneous recognition of parts from large parts files of at least 5000 SKU's. If the recognition software recognizes more than one item with similar identifying characteristics, the software simply displays a picture of the choices on the monitor where the clerk can easily verify the part.

While warehousing and point of sale applications are moving toward full automation (including robots for material handling and parts feeding), a significant amount of inventory still must be recognized manually and entered into computers. We believe that the SKU'd Vision, Inc. system will see widespread application as customers move from manual systems combined with bar code or RFID over to fully automated solutions.

Objective: To prototype the SKU Vision™ parts recognition scanner (the design of which is completed to a conceptual level with patent pending) as a proof of concept leading to full commercial development and offering to industry.

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